Putting on a colourful pair of underwear in the morning can really brighten up your mood! One of the brands that do excellent work with colours is X-Ban at Planet Undies. The store is the official reseller of the brand for more than four years. The label has been a favourite among their customers and that’s because it combines bright colours, sexy styles and reasonable prices. The customer of X-Ban is a confident man looking for sexy and comfortable underwear.

The latest release is the Fluomania line, a celebration of neon colours! This line comprises several underwear styles in bright neon colours. All the items are made from a versatile material (polyamide and elastane blend) that can work as underwear as well as swimwear. Among our favourite styles are the bodystring (a bodysuit with a string’s back), the String (three styles available, with three different backs!) and the mini brief (briefs with ruched back).

Have a look at some of the products below. If you like what you see go and grab a pair or two from Planet Undies.