by Triston Brewer,

As an established brand for well over ten years in the men’s undergarment market, ES Collection is a Barcelona-based company that promotes only the finer qualities of exceptional style. The brand consistently produces innovative designs utilising only the best fabrics and technology available on the market today for their fashion forward, international clientele. ES Collection believes in fit AND functionality, boasting that their brand uses fabrics that will retain their elasticity after repeated washings, a feature that places them well ahead of a crowded menswear market. For high-caliber, premium underwear and swimwear, their collections deliver season after season.

For 2017, VOCLA has launched the new ES Collection Nero swimwear collection that includes swim shorts with their U-shaped pouch lining technology, and their ‘Pack Up’ pouch padding to contour and enhance a man’s appearance. As expected, ES Collection has yet again put forth a line that gives men exactly what they demand.