Time for something a little more adventurous! During the last few weeks we have shown you new swimwear and underwear collections from literally all around the globe. Today we are taking you to France and the new collection “Nightcall” by one of the most daring brands in the industry, L’Homme Invisible.

If you happen to be at work reading this, you are strongly advised to not scroll down to see the photos. Wait until you are in the comfort of your own company because some of the images are for your eyes only.

L’Homme Invisible is a brand that thinks outside the box. We have seen quite a few collections with playful fabrics but the French label takes transparency to the next level. Featuring a geometric pattern with strong influences from architectural fashion, the Nightcall collection comprises sensual, yet strongly masculine designs. It is a play on lace and mesh, a sexy game of showing skin and sometimes even more…

This collection is a european collaboration. The design is French, the fabric made in Germany and the manufacturing in Portugal. Top quality comes first in every collection by L’Homme Invisible and we must admit that apart from high quality, the design is also of a very high standard. Possibly one of the most classy sheer underwear collections we have seen this year.


Photo credits:

Underwear: L’ Homme Invisible
Model: Gabriel Tournier
Photographer: Sandeep Sahni
Location: Paris, France