by Triston Brewer

The latest model featured in photographer Renato Lemos’ series is the stunning Brazilian model Ricardo Dias. Hailing from São Paolo, the shoot was in part inspired by acclaimed reggae musician Bob Marley, who popularised Rastafarian culture across the world.

Dias is a chiseled piece of perfection, and is featured in the shots posing in dreadlocks as a homage to Marley, who became synonymous for the look and revolutionised the genre to a new legion of fans. He currently resides in the Sumaré district of São Paulo and, judging by the provocative photos taken of him poolside, has no qualms about showing some skin, revealing another passion of his – tattoos. Dias’ love for music, however, is never far away and his mantra for life intertwines perfectly with the philosophy of peace that resonates within reggae music, something he opines we need more of in today’s world.

Outside of music Ricardo also professes a love of sports, and he has racked up years practicing karate, dance, running, and bodybuilding. His toned physique is proof that he is a dedicated sportsman that seeks to be in tune with both body and mind.

Photo credits: Renato Lemos / Renato Cipriano