The latest guy to be featured in the DH12 series by Italian brand D.Hedral is Israeli movement artist, Netti Lapidot. Netti stars in one of the best campaigns we have seen this year. The incredible poses captured by one of the best photographers in the industry, Daniel Jaems, left us speechless! Netti models D.HEDRAL’s brand-new Gigolo Joe II Gold briefs, Hector beachwear range, and ACE trunks.

Lapidot grew up in Israel with a fascination in physical education. He is 30 years old and founder is SPARK, a company and training system that focuses on the individual development of his student’s physical fitness and mental enrichment.

There is a very interesting interview with Netti in the blog of D.Hedral and some additional photos which you can read and see here.

Enjoy the stunning photos below. We really hope you like them as much as we do!