All eyes are on Rio at the moment with the Olympic Games in full swing. Today we will focus more on the residents of the city via a great photographic work by Beto Urbano for Mais Jr Magazine. Ot is often said that the Cariocas are fans of healhty lifestyle and outdoors sports. Here we are, at Leblon and Ipanema beaches, with models Eduardo Berenguer and Vinicius Mendez  joined by fitness trainers Elias Bueno Jr and Flávio Costa enjoying a typical day out in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy the photos below from the Golden Rio editorial including some that didn’t make it into the pages of the Brazilian magazine. The production was by Aluízio Nogueira Jr. exclusively for Mais Jr.


Publication: Mais Jr Magazine
Photographer: Beto Urbano
Models: Eduardo Berenguer, Vinicius Mendez, Elias Bueno Jr., Flávio Costa
Production: Aluízio Nogueira Jr.

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_001_Vinicius Mendez-Eduardo Berenguer-Flávio Costa-Elias Bueno Jr

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_003_Eduardo Berenguer

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_004_Elias Bueno Jr-Eduardo Berenguer-Vinicius Mendez

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_005_Elias Bueno Jr-Vinicius Mendez

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_006_Elias Bueno Jr-Flávio Costa

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_007_Flavio Costa

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_008_Eduardo Berenguer-Vinicius Mendez-Flávio Costa-Elias Bueno Jr

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_010_Flávio Costa-Elias Bueno Jr-Eduardo Berenguer

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_011_Eduardo Berenguer-Vinicius Mendez

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_012_Elias Bueno Jr-Vinicius Mendez-Eduardo Berenguer

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_013_Vinicius Mendez-Eduardo Berenguer-Elias Bueno Jr-Flávio Costa

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_014_Vinicius Mendez-Eduardo Berenguer-Elias Bueno Jr-Flávio Costa

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_015_Vinicius Mendez

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_016_Flávio Costa-Vinicius Mendez-Eduardo Berenguer-Elias Bueno Jr

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_017_Flávio Costa-Vinicius Mendez-Elias Bueno Jr-Eduardo Berenguer

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_018_Elias Bueno Jr-Eduardo Berenguer-Vinicius Mendez-Flávio Costa

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_019_Elias Bueno Jr-Eduardo Berenguer

rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_020_Vinicius Mendez
rio_dourado-by-beto_urbano_002_Eduardo Berenguer-Vinicius Mendez-Flávio Costa-Elias Bueno Jr