One of the most popular men’s underwear styles in recent years has been bikini briefs, and we are pleased to offer them at our shop. Our best-selling brand for this style is Adam Smith, which is known for producing high-quality collections.

Adam Smith’s collection of men’s bikinis consists of six mini briefs in different styles, including the Saltire Bikini Briefs in Grey and Plaid, Bikini Briefs in Blue, Burgundy, and Green, as well as the Adorable Bikini Briefs in Flowers. We are delighted to inform you that all sizes of these items are now available for purchase as they are back in stock.

Different styles of bikini briefs may vary slightly, but they all have some common characteristics, such as a low-rise cut, absence of a waistband, minimal coverage in the back, and lightweight fabric. The main aim of any bikini brief is to provide a feel as if you are wearing no underwear at all. Adam Smith’s six options are perfect examples of this ideal.

Please check out the items listed below. If you find something you like, feel free to explore the Adam Smith section of our shop and make a purchase.

Adam Smith - Bikini Briefs - BurgundyAdam Smith - Bikini Briefs - BlueAdam Smith - Bikini Briefs - Teal GreenAdam Smith - Adorable Bikini Briefs - Flowersdam Smith - underwear - Saltire Bikini Briefs Grey