One of the most anticipated collections of the season, the Motion Push-Up collection of CODE 22, is released and Men and Underwear – The Shop is among the first retailers worldwide to have it! This outstanding collection comprises briefs, trunks and jockstraps in black and turquoise and combines athletic and futuristic design elements alongside the trademark push-up technology launched by CODE 22 a few years ago. The Push-Up technology is a special construction on the inside of the pouch, a u-shaped cup that your package falls into. This cup adds volume and enhances visibly your package to make it bigger, fuller and rounder. The difference it makes is remarkable, think of it as a “wonder bra” for your bulge!

The colours Michel Messarra, head designer of CODE 22, chose for this collection are black and turquoise which brought instantly in mind the classic sci-fi movie Tron to mind. Made from a perforated fabric that allows your skin to breathe better and stay cool for longer, the underwear of this collection is embellished with side panels made from a mix of cotton with modal and elastane. All three underwear styles in the Motion Push-Up collection boast enhancing pouches and soft waistbands. The waistband features the logo of CODE 22 in the middle and the shortened version of it is repeated. As far as sizing goes, the brand added for the first time ever an XXL size to cater for bigger guys.

Take a look at some of the product shots below and if you like what you see go to the CODE 22 section of our shop and get yourself some!

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