A men’s underwear style that is becoming more and more popular in the last few years is bikini briefs. In our shop, this style is ranked among the best-selling and one of the brands that we sell the most from is Adam Smith. We are extremely happy that the brand continues to produce these and adds more to their collection and even happier that we have them back in stock! The men’s bikini collection of Adam Smith comprises six mini briefs in total: Saltire Bikini Briefs – Grey, Saltire Bikini Briefs – Plaid, Bikini Briefs – Blue, Bikini Briefs – Burgundy, Bikini Briefs – Green and Adorable Bikini Briefs – Flowers. All these are now back in stock and available in all sizes. There are few differences from one style to another, but they all feature the classic elements that make a pair of bikini briefs: low rise style, no waistband, skimpy back and lightweight fabric. Above all, a pair of bikini briefs should feel like it is barely there, like you are not wearing any underwear at all, and these six are the perfect examples.

Take a look at them below and if you like what you see, visit the Adam Smith section of our shop and get yourself some.

Adam Smith - Saltire Bikini Briefs - Greydam Smith - underwear - Saltire Bikini Briefs GreyAdam Smith - Bikini Briefs - BurgundyAdam Smith - Adorable Bikini Briefs - FlowersAdam Smith - Bikini Briefs - Green