One of the brands we have on offer in our shop, Bluebuck, just launched its first line of men’s eco-swimwear made from 100% recycled ocean plastic! The London based label apart from using only organic cotton for its underwear, now is combatting plastic pollution in the oceans with a range of swim shorts made from recycled plastic. Moreover, Bluebuck is donating 5% of all swimwear sales to the Marine Conservation Society. Bluebuck’s swim shorts are made from 100% Seaqual™ material, which is produced from plastic collected from the Mediterranean seabed by Spanish fishermen. This marine waste is cleaned, sorted and recycled to produce polyester yarns.

The first swimwear collection of Bluebuck is inspired by the world of sailing. The brand designed a nautical theme and nine different colour combinations that come in line with its underwear collections. The most loyal fans of Bluebuck will recognise the trademark zigzag stitching and contrasting details on the waist and pockets. There are drawstrings to adjust the waist, side and back pockets and very discreet branding.

Bluebuck’s founder Pierre David said:

“People are very aware of the global problem of chronic plastic pollution, which now sees 12 million of tons of plastic dumped in our seas and oceans every year. [..] This is having a serious impact on marine life and our beaches. This matters to us and so we’re doing our bit by using this plastic waste as the raw material for our new swim range. […] When we discovered Seaqual™ and their yarns we saw an opportunity to partner up and make a real difference. By design, all our products are made to last longer, meaning less waste, but by using actual waste as our raw material we’ve taken things one step further. […] This complements our entire ethos of producing high quality, low environmental impact men’s clothes since we launched in 2011.”

The swim shorts of Bluebuck are now available from its official online store at £75 / 88/ 99$. Have a look at the designs below and first conceptual images from the brand.

Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear Bluebuck swimwear