Today’s review is for the Kronis Trunks. Kronis is an Australian brand that is designed in Italy and manufactured in China. The brand has an official retail outlet on Amazon selling dozens of products each month and the trunks we are about to review come as highly recommended with a rating of 4.6 (out of 5) from 643 customer reviews (at the time this review was written) left on Amazon. This is quite an impressive rating so we wanted to see with our own eyes how good these trunks really are. The guys at Kronis were kind enough to send us a few pairs for the needs of this review.

Kronis underwear

Underwear Review by Ethan for Men and Underwear

As some of you may know my reviews usually start with the packaging. Kronis underwear comes in the most simple plastic bag without any branding or special design. OK, I know that most of you will say that it is the underwear that counts but we do like it when our underwear comes in something special. This brand has knowingly compromised on packaging in order to keep the price of the final product as low as possible. Which brings us to a very important factor for many, when buying new underwear, the price! A 2-pack of these trunks costs slightly less than 20 USD! And we must tell you that this is a very competitive price for this kind of underwear.

One of the highlights of the Kronis Trunks is the waistband. It is made from microfiber so it very soft to the touch. The design features the brand name in black capital letters, repeated all along the band. The base is white apart from the part where the letters are placed which is grey because the black back of the waistbands blends in with the white. It is placed nicely though in the middle of the design so it looks quite nice. After several washes you may notice a slight discolouration as contrasting colours on waistbands tend to mix. The waistband has a very nice feel against the skin and the tension is just right so you get a nice grip without feeling any restrictions. The overall design is very classic but well made at the same time. When you get one in your hands you will also see that the curves of the letters are well designed which is a sign of a very good production.

Kronis underwear

The body of the underwear is made from a cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) blend, the most popular blend in men’s underwear. The thickness of the fabric is just right, neither lightweight nor too thick. It is also brushed so the feel is very soft. The panels are cut with precision and all seams are made with a soft thread to avoid irritations. Note there are no flat lock seams but still, the construction looks quite tidy. The pouch is lined so you get two layers of fabric which add volume and reduce the elasticity of it. The pouch is almost flat, there is some contouring which gives some space but the well endowed guys will find it restrictive. The washing instructions are printed with heat transfer on the back of the garment. The overall design is a contemporary take on a classic pair of trunks which works.

A proper test for a pair underwear under review is a workout at the gym. Even though I am more of a briefs’ fan when working out, I felt very comfortable in these trunks. Trunk do tend to bunch up on the legs but certainly not as much as boxer briefs! The waistband kept the underwear in place and I really appreciated the breathable cotton fabric and its soft, brushed finish. The leg openings were just fine for me and they needed only a couple of readjustments during the workout. After washing, the underwear retained its shape and colour. I washed it in 30 degrees, no tumble dry. I wore it again and I didn’t notice any shrinkage or distortion.

Overall, Kronis’ Trunks are very good! I would totally recommend them for everyday wear and the gym. You may not get a fancy packaging but the underwear itself is great value for money. These trunks are well made, sturdy and they look nice! The fabric and waistband is soft and the cut is very comfortable. My only concern was the limited space of the pouch, so I wouldn’t recommend it to well endowed guys.