One of the most anticipated swimwear collections this year was the one from Addicted. The Catalan label is growing stronger in popularity over the last few years and it is not just because it is a sister brand of ES Collection. There has been a shift in the way it is presented as a brand to appeal almost exclusively to the gay men audience. This gave it a clear distance from ES not only in terms of marketing, but also in terms of design. And even though we stand by our opinion that fabrics and designs should have no gender and no sexual orientation, we cannot deny the fact that most of their 2018 collection looks really nice!

The collection is called Splash and comprises swim briefs, swim shorts and swim trunks. The designs are full on colour and prints. You will find prints with the cliché  #top and #bttm and for the more adventurous among you, a print that’s calling you a slut! Apart from those, there are some beautiful floral swim shorts and, among our favourites in the whole collection, swim briefs with floral waist and colour block body. The collection also includes a stunning, dotted ombre rainbow pattern with the logo of the brand on the back.

Below you can see the first images released from the brand for the collection. Some of the models we could identify in the shots are Jacinto Angosto, Manuel Suarez, Juanma Izquierdo, Andre Hoffman and Jonatan Argiz. Apologies if we missed anyone, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.