Barcelona Fashion Week closed last week (Friday 30th June) with a catwalk presenting the upcoming Summer 2018 swimwear collection of Catalan brand ES Collection. The collection bears the name Tropik Glitch and draws inspiration from the Amazon rainforest and its abundance of life and colour.

The two words chosen by the brand more or less describe what we are about to see in stores next summer. The “Tropik” stands for very intense colours, floral patterns and vibrant prints while the “Glitch” represents the digital form or take on the prints. The later marks also a new technique of artistic expression that gives an almost blurry effect, a modern take on tropical themed prints.

In the press release there was a phrase that we think describes this collection best: Explosion of the senses. It is a truly stunning collection, an optimistic view on next year’s swimwear fashion full of colour, fresh ideas and prints that make you smile. Have a look at some of the designs we loved from the collection of the brand. We hope you like them as much as we do!