by Triston Brewer

For over 30 years, SHAN has specialised in producing high end haute couture swimwear for the fashion forward. Under the vision of designer Chantal Levesque, SHAN has continued to meet the demands of the general public by producing top quality, high end couture swimwear.

As a trusted brand and recognised as an innovative label, SHAN has been a distinguished member of the fashion community through their prowess in pushing the boundaries of the conventional. Their unique perspective on design styles and use of bold prints have yielded huge rewards for the Canadian company, which has achieved critical acclaim worldwide. From their ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, exclusive couture swimwear, and accessories, SHAN continues to blaze a singular trail in swimwear design.

Expert craftsmanship combined with critical acclaim are the true markers of success for the SHAN label and their international reach extends to over 30 countries and 10 flagship locations around the world. Their latest collection continues their tradition as an acclaimed producer of exceptional men’s fashion.

SHAN is all about prints for 2017, Hawaiian themed summer trunks in bright colours that are ideal for summer attire, coloured boats over white shorts, with solid coloured hues also available giving men a wide selection to choose from. Also available from this collection are fashion cut swim trunks served up in a multitude of bold colours, with prints that range from light and dark blue to black and white designs. Accessories that round out an outfit are also available, with bags, sandals, and caps all available in classic black and white as well. SHAN rounds out their recent line with boxer briefs and undershirts available in an assortment of colours to give men more options to choose from.

shan-swimwear-2017-collection shan-swimwear-2017-collection-01