Modus Vivendi has created a special, Valentine’s Day section on their
website with 47 items to help you choose the perfect gift for the
special someone in your life. Whether you celebrate the day or not it is
a great chance to get something hot and sexy for the season. The
selection includes some of the best selling items from the brand along
with some of the latest releases like the royal briefs and the querelle shorts.
The whole section is located under the “fight for your love” section of their website which is the motto for this year’s Valentine Day campaign.

Modus Vivendi valentine's day underwear gift guide

See below some of the items appearing in their section.

Modus Vivendi black royal briefs

Modus Vivendi red querelle boxers

Modus Vivendi black royal jocjstrap

Modus Vivendi red querelle briefs

Modus Vivendi red zipper jockstrap

Modus Vivendi black vinyl jockstrap