We are certainly impressed by what we have seen so far by Garcon model. Great design, beautiful logo, nice underwear shapes, attention to detail, along with a stunning campaign and a great internet presence. Is this the right mixture for success? No one can tell, but it definitely is a very good start! The brand launched in 2012 and it was only some months ago when we first saw what these guys are capable of. We wanted to know more about them so we scheduled an interview:

Garcon Model underwear

Men and Underwear blog: Can you tell us a few words about the designer behind your brand?

Garcon Model: Sure, we are 2 French designers currently based out of Vancouver. We realized that there was a wide array of underwear available but none with the sense of elegance and style that we were looking for. We wanted to create that universal piece that every men would enjoy and look sharp in, whether it was under a suit or a pair of jeans. That one item that you treasure in your wardrobe.

What makes Garcon Model stand out from the other underwear brands?

We felt like everything out there was more of a novelty underwear. It wasn’t something that we would feel confident in. The whole challenge was to create a pair of underwear that any man from any horizon would feel sharp and comfortable in. We wanted to avoid that feeling of self-consciousness when undressing at the gym for instance. We created classic pieces that men could undress and feel confident in no matter which situation.

Price or Quality? Which one you consider as more important in making your garments?

We believe that people are coming back to quality and that instead of buying multiple low quality items, they will invest in few quality pieces. Just like a nice watch that you will wear for your nice occasions, this is one element in the men’s closet that they can feel proud about it.
We did not cut any corners and quality and style were the only factors impacting our choices.

Who would you consider as a “Garcon Model man”?

We designed our line for men like us living active lifestyles. Our need to remain sharp-looking throughout the day drove us to design smart and easy to wear garments. As we say, we are strong believers of the adage “Dress for Success” and that goes as well for your undergarments. Gym is part of a lot of men’s routine nowadays, it’s also a place where you socialize and meet your co-workers during lunch time. With that in mind, we designed our underwear to feel as comfortable as it is stylish.

Where do you want to see your brand in the next few years?

Big plans! We are currently working with some of the most talented designers throughout fashion shows worldwide and incredible photographers. We can only dream to stay as successful. Our customer base is exploding. So, the sky is the limit!

What would you say to our readers to convince them to try Garcon Model?

A lot of our customers are really shocked at the quality of our garments. We very often hear from our customers that these are the most comfortable underwear they ever owned. So if you’d like to own one-of-a-kind item that you can cherish and feel great in, just try us!

The official website and online retailer of the brand is: http://www.garconmodel.com
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Garcon Model underwear

Garcon Model underwear