The popular CODE 22 2nd Skin line briefs and trunks are now available again at Men and Underwear – The Shop. This line includes briefs, trunks, and jockstraps and is distinguished by its beige colour, which is typically associated with women’s lingerie but has recently gained popularity in men’s underwear. The fabric is a blend of cotton, modal, and elastane and is designed to complement any skin tone, providing a subtle appearance that won’t show through white pants. Unlike other brands that offer “invisible” underwear, CODE 22’s approach is to create a new interpretation of beige that blends in with your skin tone. The lightweight, unlined fabric allows your skin colour to show through, resulting in a slight change in colour for a perfect match.

Each style has a normal rise, ensuring a comfortable fit around the waist. The pouch is contoured, with unique features. The briefs boast a deep pouch with a central seam running from top to bottom and diagonal piping on the sides for additional space towards the bottom of the pouch. The trunks have a U-shaped pouch with piping that keeps your assets away from your thighs, preventing friction. Both styles come with a matching beige waistband featuring a burnout decoration and discreetly placed CODE 22 logo in black lettering. They are the perfect match for any discerning individual looking for comfortable and stylish underwear.

Please check out the two restocked products displayed below. If you like them, visit the CODE 22 section in our store to purchase them for yourself.

CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Trunks CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Trunks CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Briefs CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Briefs