We are delighted to announce the continuation of our latest section, “Look of the Day,” in our online magazine. This segment is similar to our “Underwear Suggestion” and showcases a combination of items that can be utilized to create your daily outfit. Our goal is to present you with unique combinations, fresh items, and individual looks that experiment with different colours, fabrics, and brands. Occasionally, we’ll add layers to create an aesthetically appealing ensemble. We hope you enjoy today’s outfit inspiration and stay tuned for more to come.

Look of The Day 06 - Men and Underwear SQ

Today, we are building a look with references to Pride and a touch of blue look with Barcode Berlin, Plexis Wear and Zosimi Beads! We chose a colourful pair of blue briefs with a Pride waistband, matching Pride socks in white, a rainbow Square Knot bracelet and a blue tube scarf. You can enhance this look with more blue, more white or pretty much any colour of the Pride flag.

Underwear of the look: Barcode Berlin – Pride Briefs Royal

Barcode Berlin underwear - Pride Collection Briefs

Socks of the look: Barcode Berlin – Pride Gym Socks

Barcode Berlin - Pride Gym Socks

Accessories of the look: Zosimi Beads – Square Knot Bracelet – Black and Rainbow

Accessories of the look: Plexis Wear – Tube Scarf – Blue