Our mission is to explore and innovate in men’s underwear design, which led us to launch our own brand called Plexis Wear. Our vision is to create a line of unique and creative crochet technique underwear designs that are handmade in Greece, avant-garde and eye-catching! Our debut collection features the Vers String Harness, a tie-string pouch with long strips of knit on the sides that offer hundreds of possible fastenings, allowing you to customize your style. This item comes in two pouch sizes and six colour variations, including a limited edition Christmas special. It is a versatile piece of underwear that can be transformed from a string with long cords to a body harness with a variety of ways to wrap the cords around you, limited only by your imagination and creativity. The Plexis Wear Vers String Harness is made with top-quality cotton and acrylic yarns, and the cords can be removed completely, enabling you to mix and match with other colours to create more looks! Every item is handmade, making each one unique. Check out the six colours and get inspired by some of the creative ways to wear the Plexis Wear Vers String Harness!