We are thrilled to announce that Men and Underwear – The Shop is expanding its collection of handmade bracelets from Zosimi Beads with five new, one-of-a-kind designs! Zosimi Beads is not a brand specialising in underwear but in accessories, specifically, jewellery that anyone can wear. The founder of the brand is Sandra Lindahl, a Swedish expat who fell in love with Greece. Sandra draws inspiration from the beauty of beads, threads, and colours to create stunning, handcrafted pieces that exude vibrancy and sparkle, qualities that we all adore!

The first of five new bracelets is the Square Knot Bracelet – Magenta. This is a reversible two-tone magenta bracelet, one size that fits most wrists, adjustable bracelet. The second is the Square Knot Bracelet – Neon Pink. This is a black with neon pink bracelet that you can change the side up to match your outfit better. The third is the Square Knot Bracelet – Neon Green. This is a striking neon green with black bracelet perfect for the club or with any outfit that has a bit of green in. The fourth is the Square Knot Bracelet – Turquoise and Black. This is a beautiful bracelet in black and turquoise. It reads summer and sunny beaches on a Greek island just like the fifth one which is the Dual Cubes bracelet – Aqua! This is another unique piece with glass beads in cubes put together in tw rows. These bracelets are effortlessly wearable, thanks to their adjustable clasps. They come in either steel or glass beads, which add weight and a subtle shimmer. Taking them on and off is hassle-free.

Check out the latest collection of five unique bracelets below. If you find something you like, head over to Zosimi Beads in our store and treat yourself or a loved one. Kindly note that each bracelet is handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind. In certain cases, we may be able to reproduce a bracelet if the materials are still available. However, most of the bracelets are only available in a single piece. If you require multiple pieces of a particular style, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do our best to assist you.