One of the most surprising collections ever produced by Marcuse Australia is the Empire Collection. The Empire comprises briefs, jocks (backless briefs) and trunks in some of the most unusual colour combinations we have ever seen in the men’s underwear industry. Marcuse is a brand that is not afraid to try new styles and push men’s underwear fashion one step further and this collection is no exception. The colours are mixed in a unique way combining six different waistbands with six different body colours. The fabric Marcuse used for this collection is ribbed cotton which adds a retro element to the overall contemporary style. The pouches are contoured to offer space and support so apart from being unique, the underwear of this collection is incredibly comfortable too. Take a look at a small selection from the Empire Collection below and if you like what you see, visit the Marcuse section of our shop and get yourself some!

Marcuse - Empire Boxers - Red

Marcuse - Empire Boxers - Blue

Marcuse underwear - Empire Jock White

Marcuse underwear - Empire Briefs Blue