One of the collections released in 2022 from Marcuse Australia is called Astra and we are extremely happy to see it return in all colours and sizes back in Men and Underwear this season! The collection is designed to make you feel like a star and extremely comfortable wearing it! The Astra Collection comprises briefs and thongs in five different colours: white, grey, blue, red and yellow. The silhouette of both underwear styles is (very) low rise with a soft waistband and contoured pouches. The waistband is a new design for Marcuse, featuring a new logo for the brand that brought to our minds superheroes! The letter M is placed right in the middle with a laurel pattern pointing to it. It is really cool! At the top of the waistband there is a thin red line and at the bottom a slightly wider line in grey. These two lines along with the pattern in the middle are embossed so they are very pleasant to touch. On the inside, the waistband is covered with a layer of towelling that feels very soft on the skin. As for fabric, Marcuse chose a lightweight cotton blend with 5% elastane added, one of the most popular fabrics in the men’s underwear industry.

The Astra Briefs have a contoured pouch which with the help of the fabric’s stretch should feel spacious enough for the average guy. The pouch is constructed with the help of a central flatlock seam that runs from the waistband all the way down the crotch. This seam connects two panels that form the front of the whole garment covering the whole front part. The entire front part is unlined which makes this underwear breathable and perfect for everyday wear.

The Astra Thong has also a contoured pouch, actually, the whole front is exactly the same as the briefs. The back is where things get a bit more interesting and a lot sexier. The back has fabric that covers the top part of your buttocks leading to the triangular shape middle that goes all the way down. Just like in the briefs, Marcuse had placed their embroidered emblem at the back along with a fabric loop, a trademark of their swimwear (to hang them dry) which they passed on as a clever design element to their underwear as well.

Take a look at some of the product shots below with model Daniil posing in the new designs. The model is wearing size M. His height is 180cm (5’9″) and his waist measures 82cm (32.2″). His lower waist (hips) measures 94cm (37″). If you like what you see, visit the Marcuse Australia section in our eShop and get yourself some too!

Marcuse underwear - Astra brief yellow back Marcuse underwear - Astra brief white side Marcuse underwear - Astra brief red side Marcuse underwear - Astra brief grey side Marcuse underwear - Astra brief blue side

Marcuse underwear - Marcuse underwear - Astra thong grey back Marcuse underwear - Astra thong yellow back Marcuse underwear - Astra thong white back Marcuse underwear - Astra thong red side Marcuse underwear - Astra thong blue side