They say that classic style, never goes out of fashion. Truth is, that even some of the most classic designs in fashion need a constant update in order to keep up with the needs of modern people. What was considered as classic underwear for men thirty years ago, is very different from what is considered as “classic” today. Even ten years ago, a classic men’s underwear looked different from what man reach out for today in their top drawer every morning. Comfort is paramount but style and individuality become more and more important. Men are now more aware about shapes and fabrics and can identify that different underwear serve different purposes. What we call “essentials” or “basics” is underwear that is easy to wear on most everyday occasions and a perfect specimen is the underwear of the Essential Collection of CODE 22. The line comprises three underwear styles, trunks, briefs and jockstraps which should serve the majority of your everyday needs. CODE 22 has created this collection with a modal, cotton and elastane mix fabric that breathes, stretches and feel amazing on the skin. This fabric allows the underwear to feel comfortable and fresh for longer. The pouches of all styles are designed to give you space and support exactly where it’s needed. The colours of this collection are white, black and grey but we do hope the brand decides to expand this collection in more hues. The Essential Line is available from Men and Underwear – The Shop and if you haven’t tried it already, we strongly recommend you do! Below are some images if the styles but you can find it all, restocked, in the CODE 22 section of the shop.

CODE 22 underwear - Essential Briefs greyCODE 22 - Essential Briefs - BlackCODE 22 underwear - Essential Jockstrap whiteCODE 22 - Essential Boxers - White CODE 22 - Essential Briefs - White