We are very excited to announce, officially, that French brand TOF Paris is now available in our shop! We have been keeping an eye on this brand since their launch back in 2015 and made our first publication about it in 2017 via our Weekend Feast. The heart and soul of the brand of TOF Paris is its designer Sylvain.

Sylvain is born in Cameroon in 1977. He comes from a middle class family in which his mother, a talented seamstress, was the one who showed him the world of fashion. At a very young age he became interested in clothes and shapes and started dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. He designed his first ever pattern in the age of 10! He put his dream on hold for a while to study law, but soon after he decided to move to France and follow his heart. He took courses in fashion design and started experimenting with patterns and collections. Despite the reservations of his family and some friends, he took the risk to launch his own brand, TOF Paris. The name of his first even collection was “Bands and materials” which got him in several publications and gathered a lot of interest.

Since then, over the last 5 years, TOF Paris expanded their collection to include club wear, outerwear, sportswear, accessories and swimwear, all of which are made in France. TOF Paris is an ever changing brand that finds inspiration in the Parisian parties, night life, entertainment, fetish wear but also the French couture and high fashion.

We are proud to say that Men and Underwear becomes one of the few, selected, retailers around the globe to stock this brand. We start with their most recent, Metallic Collection of briefs, bikini briefs, thongs and pouches in shiny silver or gold. This collection is bound to become a best seller and we think is among the most striking and elevated underwear of the year! Find below the product shots of all items. Each photo, when clicked, will redirect you to the product’s page so you can find more information about the style, price and the ability to order it directly from our shop.

TOF Paris Metal bikini Gold front TOF Paris Metal bikini Silver front TOF Paris Metal briefs Gold front TOF Paris Metal briefs Gold front TOF Paris Metal stringless thong Gold side TOF Paris Metal stringless thong Silver front TOF Paris Metal thong Gold front TOF Paris Metal thong Silver back