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This is the first time I am wearing a thong by JJ Malibu and that’s what I am reviewing today! If you haven’t visited their website yet, I’d recommend you to do so. This way you’ll be able to familiarise with the character of this brand. From the playful yet sexy photoshoots to the spicy articles, almost everything screams sex.

Hit it in the morning” is the thong I tried on and it’s one of the new arrivals. One thing I didn’t know for sure, even though I did imagine, is that the phrase itself refers to “quick sex”. Also there is a song by J. Cole ft Drake with almost the same title. You can listen to it while you go through this review.

JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning Thong JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning Thong

To begin with, the underwear comes straight from Canada in a simple branded plastic package. If you choose the black version over the grey, then you should expect a total black underwear with the brand’s name and the logo printed on the elastic band in white letters. The designers in Toronto made a mix between a thong and a classic brief, so that when you look at the front you cannot imagine the surprise at the back.

The front side is equipped with a contoured pouch which gives very good support and a nice rounded shape to your package. The seams that hold the pouch start from the waistband and end close to the thighs, each of them creating a “J” shape. The cut on the back side is more than flattering, since the fabric surrounds the buttocks before leaning towards the middle. The two trims are stitched together to create the string which reaches the pouch where is carefully sewn on the outside part, to avoid irritation of the perineum area. Personally, I found the string quite narrow and a bit longer than it should be. This gave me a feel of wearing a pair of underwear that is not compact. It felt more like my package was supported very well from the pouch but not held back enough.

JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning Thong

On the inside, I didn’t notice any sewing flaws or any excess threads to cut off. Printed on the sizing label are the washing instructions, the fabric consistency, the logo and the country of manufacturing which is China. No need to worry about how to get rid of the sizing label, you can easily tear it off by hand! The fabric is light weight with a consistency of 92% cotton and 8% elastane.

In terms of performance I must say, I’m not very satisfied for two reasons. First of all, unlike its name which implies quickness, putting it on takes longer than I thought, since it needs some time for adjustment; otherwise there will be some ball hanging down. Also, this is another reason why I didn’t get the feel of a solid pair of underwear. Secondly, after wearing it for a whole day, I noticed that the fabric, especially the string part, was stretched out so the thong felt quite loose. After washing, it got back to its primer form and elasticity.

JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning Thong JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning Thong

All in all, I wouldn’t agree more with the description on JJ Malibu’s website that it is “underwear you wear when you know you’re going to have sex”. However I wouldn’t recommend this thong for a casual, every day use since its durability over long time is questionable.

JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning JJ Malibu underwear review - Hit It In The Morning