Fetish meets fashion brand Barcode Berlin continues to put back into production some of their best selling products and adding new designs this season. Men and Underwear – The Shop is growing to offer one of the biggest selection of items from this brand as an independent retailer and the latest additions include jockstraps, harnesses and singlets.

The Barcode Berlin Jock Gav comes in three colour ways: black, red and white and is a striking, fashion jockstrap design. It features a briefs’ front with full coverage and a jockstrap’s back with full exposure! This playfully sexy style is made from two types of perforated fabric, one with big holes used for the sides and one with small holes used for the pouch. The unlined pouch will give you plenty of space and just the right amount of transparency to make it sexy without showing too much. There is red piping to frame the pouch that goes very well with the elasticated, Barcode Berlin branded, waistband.

Barcode Berlin - Jock Gav Barcode Berlin - Jock Gav Barcode Berlin - Jock Gav

One more exciting piece from Barcode Berlin, a harness-jockstrap hybrid is an innovative underwear with an incredibly sexy feel. The Barcode Berlin Maxim Harness will hug your upper part by holding on your shoulders and on your back. The straps follow the garment all the way down to an enhanced with a thin layer of padding pouch keeping it in place with straps that go around your rear. This harness is all black with red detailing. It comes in two sizes to fit most men.

Barcode Berlin - Harness Maxim Barcode Berlin - Harness Maxim

One of the most striking underwear from Barcode Berlin, the Luckewalde Singlet is a true fetish wear inspired garment. Made entirely from a cool and stretchy polyamide blend with a generous amount of elastane, this singlet is comfortable, sexy and easy to wear as underwear, loungewear, fetish gear and in many other ways. The colour blocking is not a print, it is made from different panels so it is highly unlikely the colours will fade if you stick to the washing instructions. This style has been a consistent best selling underwear from Barcode Berlin which keeps producing it for several years. We consider this as a Barcode Berlin classic and a perfect specimen of a men’s singlet.

Barcode Berlin - Singlet Luckenwalde Barcode Berlin - Singlet Luckenwalde

Apart from these Men and Underwear – The Shop has received a restock from almost all designs of Barcode Berlin including the Sergey Jockstraps, Kirill Briefs and Claude Thong!