Catalan brand ES Collection presents Power Flux, the new Fall/Winter 19-20 Collection. Head designer, Carmen Monforte, expresses the transition of men’s power into an empowerment of all. The inspiration comes from the rapid evolution of human and social rights in recent decades and how their recognition became a natural trend in most parts of the globe. This evolution is translated into multiple textures, bold and contrasting colours, contemporary designs and the incorporation of fabric and construction technology. The collection itself pays much attention to good fit, comfort and natural enhancement of the male physique.

Power Flux is divided into three lines, presented in campaigns inspired by US Army bases. The collection will be gradually released in the next few months according to market’s needs, colour palettes and technologies used.

The first line, photos from which you see below, is called Fort Lauderdale, known as America’s Venice, with a settlement of three military bases. The main colours of this line are blue, navy, red, white and grey. Blue, red and white represent the Aerial and Naval bases’ flag. The steel tones of the structures are mixed with navy blue that represents the sea. A range of different textures, materials and technologies come together in a perfect balance in the mature and cohesive first line of ES Collection’s Fall/Winter Collection 19-20. Outstanding photography by Tarek del Moreno with a whole army of models posing in the underwear, sportswear and street wear of the Catalan label. This is definitely one of the best collections we have seen this season!

Underwear, casual wear and athletic wear: ES Collection
Photography: Tarek del Moreno
Models: Alejandro Regueros, Oleg Tatarynov, Daniil SavonskinAmadou LatyrPhilippe Soulier, Raul Camacho and Mourad Essafi

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