Back in 2009, a young man from the North of England, UK decided he wanted to make the most fun and quirky men’s underwear business. His name is Craig Hendry and in February of that year he started his own little brand with a sewing machine, the best fabrics he could find and a bag full of great ideas.

From their humble beginnings, Bum-Chums hit the ground running with some really out-there designs of men’s pants (“pants” are what the British call underwear!). Although made with a plain black elastic, their funky fabrics and cute styles soon caught the imagination of the men’s underwear community the world over, and soon started to grow. We met with the brand a few years after and the first ever post in Men and Underwear was an underwear review of two of their products, the NutSack Hipster and Tool Belt.

Over the years, Bum-Chums was one of those brands that paved the way for bigger brands in the industry. They were one among the first to mix textures, to use technical materials such as Supplex and Polyamide and even came up with some cutting edge designs such as the popular Tool-Belt and In2Cooler styles of underwear. They soon introduced their British-made elastic waistband which has been an iconic fixture in the Bum-Chums Collections.

At Men and Underwear during the last years we’ve covered many a release of new products launch from this quirky brand and it’s a real pleasure to see that they’re celebrating by rewarding loyal customers on their site with things like secret discounts and offers all this month.

Craig Hendry told us:

This year, we’re going all out. Probably because we’re so happy it’s our 10th Birthday. But with every purchase from now until Valentine’s Day, we’re offering a special gift wrapping stuffed with goodies.

So your new underwear will be gift wrapped, but also you’ll receive a whole host of special give-away treats in with your orders from Bum-Chums. We’re told that these gifts could include special Valentine’s Sweets, Valentine’s cards and safer sex packs in association with the Brunswick Centre.

We wish Bum-Chums many happy returns and a lot more years of growing success! Let’s take a look at the 10 year affair of this brand with men’s underwear in photos and see how they evolved over the years.

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