We have the pleasure to present the first editorial commissioned by us. The exclusive photos you see below feature some of our favourite underwear designs for Winter 2017-18 and will be presented in two parts. The underwear we chose are by Danish brand Alexander COBB, Australian brand aussieBum, Canadian brand Garçon Model, American brand Jack Adams and French brand L’Homme Invisible in order to represent some of the “hotspots” of the mens underwear industry today: Scandinavia, Australia, Canada, USA and Europe. You will see prints in a variety of themes, solids in blue hues and colour blocking, representing three of the main underwear design trends this season.

Special thanks to photographer and architect Marko Momirov and model and athlete Panagiotis Bekiaridis for their patience, hard work and professionalism. Also thanks to Alexander COBB, Garçon Model and L’Homme Invisible for supplying the pairs we asked and VOCLA for supplying the underwear by Jack Adams.

Enjoy the first part and stay tuned for the second release in a few days.

Publication: Men and Underwear
Photographer: Marko Momirov
Model: Panagiotis Bekiaridis
Location: Kalamaria, Greece
Underwear: Alexander COBB, aussieBum, Garçon Model, Jack Adams, L’Homme Invisible