One of the brands that stay true to their style since their launch is UK based Bluebuck. Some of you may remember our Brand Presentation article about it, a bit more than a year ago (you can read that article here). The label has expanded its collection quite significantly since then and for this winter it offers six masculine styles in all classic colours, solids and marinière stripes. The collection has grown to even include tank tops and t-shirts which, we think, look great! You can wear them as a matching set with your Bluebuck underwear or on their own as street wear.

Bluebuck continues to use only organic cotton for its garments. The brand prides itself for being an eco-friendly and 100% made in Europe label keeping all the stages of the production in the Continent. It carefully selected some of the best suppliers across Europe to produce products of the highest quality with low carbon output.

In the campaign photos we show you below, Andrew Ramming, modelled just for the brand wearing some of his own favourite pairs. The motto of Bluebuck is “Life is a big adventure” and this campaign seems to fit perfectly to it.

Enjoy the shots and the designs of this brand.