In 2015, Swedish PR-specialist Niklas Gilmark decided to change his trajectory and move into the world of design, but in an unconventional way that has now revolutionised the industry.

Combining his vision with the talents of fashion expert Stefan Söderberg, the founder of fashion brand Hope, the two of them found a way to utilise forest waste byproducts as raw materials to create underwear that is not only environmentally friendly, but absolutely stylish. Using Swedish pine and spruce as raw material from the Ångermanland region, the fabric is made up of almost 60% Swedish wood, with cotton and elastane in it for a comfortable fit that their fans have come to love. The brand is so popular that even the country’s King wears them. If they’re good enough for royalty, surely they are good enough for the general public. For great underwear that are soft and comfortable and boast the utmost in excellence, try out Allvar and revolutionise your attitude on quality underwear.