German brand 4 Hunks welcomes summer with a brand new collection of underwear and a sexy campaign to promote it. Founded in Berlin in July 2012 by designer Marcos Suzuki, 4 Hunks, caters for the gay community offering high quality, modern and sleek designs.

“My vision was to send the message that the young generation should not be ashamed or afraid to live the life they want and to be who they want to be, through 4 Hunks. After growing up in Brazil, at that time still very conservative, I didn’t want to see the young generation going through the same struggles of accepting who they are.”
Marcos Suzuki, Founder of 4 Hunks

The latest release of the brand is the Bulge Brief. The design is simple yet sexy. The fabric is a lightweight modal and elastane blend draped to accentuate the pouch. 4 Hunks created this collection to bring out the best in every man boosting his confidence and highlighting his look.

The campaign you see below  features the new briefs by 4 Hunks on Scotsmen (from Edinburgh) Sebastian and Gabriel. The shoot took place at the Axel Hotel Berlin.