We have one more “food for thought” article today shared with us by the men’s underwear specialists at Mensuas. We would love to hear your comments on this, if you agree with all or some or if you have to add to these signs.

5 Signs that you must change your underwear

How do you realise that it’s time for you to say goodbye to your dear clothes? Is it when they stop fitting you? Or is it when you stop liking it? Well, like anything else, clothes and specifically men’s underwear retire after serving months or even years for your service. It totally depends on you that whether you discard it once you find out the right time or you keep on dragging it even when you know that it is time.

How would you realise when to get restock your top drawer? That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this blog for you all. Let’s look at the signs which will signify the need of new underclothing articles in your underwear drawer.

  1. The fabrics: The very thing that you’ll find out is that the fabric of the basic clothing is starting to wear off. It loosens up and starts to go thinner wash after wash. After all, the harsh detergents and the water quality with the way you wash it combines to be the cause of the same. The number of times you wear the pair is what also makes the difference. After the fabric starts getting old, whenever you sit, stretch or even bend, it loosens even more.
  2. Holes: Give your underwear a check and see if it has those tiny holes or probably something bigger like the moon has. Holes occur either because of the body fluid secretion on the pouch or because of the tiny bugs that eat the fabric (if not worn for a longer duration). Whatever be the reason, the holes are a big no-no until is of any function (i.e., the open pouch) and must be discarded once they come into notice.
  3. Ancient pieces: Well, the ancient pieces deserve to stay in the museums and not in your drawer. Whether it your favourite tighty whitey briefs or the skimpy, sexy male thongs, if they’ve been in the closet for way too long, show them the dustbin right away. There is a possibility that these pairs might not fit you anymore or even are out of fashion. So, just avoid them!!
  4. Faded ones: Remember you bought a shirt that you actually fell in love with but had to stop wearing because it had faded drastically? What did you do with that? Are you still holding on to it or discarded it? With so many handsome designs and exotic colours available at men’s underwear online stores, why would you keep on using the same old faded pieces?
  5. Limited variety: If you are still stuck with the styles that your grandfather and father had passed on to you, it’s time for you to change. Every apparel style has its own importance and a perfect to be worn. For example, briefs are for work while boxer briefs are for workouts, jockstraps are for games whereas thongs/g-strings are for dates. Likewise, wear what your personality allows you to wear from the wide variety.

These signs are hideous and you must be aware of the same. Make sure you change or restock your collection when you see any of the signs mentioned above.