With some regions of Europe and USA being covered with snow and the Winter Olympics set to a start in Russia it’s time we built up some warmth. What could be better than a hot photo set by Andres Ramirez. The muse of the talented photographer is the fresh face Carlos Gonzalez posing in underwear from brands such as Andrew Christian, Marcuse, PPU among others.

Carlos is 23 years old and 1.80 tall. He was born in Cadiz of Spain, he is a fan of motocross and this is his first work as a model. Great body, pretty face, sexy look, a great start for someone who wants to make it in the field. All the best of luck from us at Men and Underwear blog. We hope to see more of Carlos very soon!
Carlos Gonzalez is a beautiful man with this statuesque and attractive body. Is 23 and measures 1.80, born in Cadiz (Spain). Motocross fan and had great qualities to make it big as a model, for the moment, his debut Andres Ramirez.

Model: Carlos Gonzalez
Photographer: Andres Ramirez www.andres-ramirez.com
Underwear brands: Andrew Christian, Aware Soho, Ginch Gonch, Inter View, Jake Joseph, James Tudor, Joe Snyder, Marcuse and PPÜ underwear.
Carlos Gonzalez by Andres Ramirez


Carlos Gonzalez in Andrew Christian underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Aware Soho underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Ginch Gonch underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Interview underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Jake Joseph underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in James Tudor underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Joe Snyder underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in Marcuse underwear


Carlos Gonzalez in PPU underwear