I came across this brand and really like what they do. I thought of making a small presentation about their history and share some pictures with you guys.
Originally from Switzerland, the Diëtz family arrived in Brazil in the 1900.
The second and third generation of the family opened a swimwear only store in Sao Paulo in 1980. In 1998, one of the great-grandsons decided to move to Mexico and realized that there was a huge opportunity in the mens underwear and swimwear market, where everything seemed to look the same.
Bringing his designs back from Brazil, and coupling with his fabric expertise from around the world, Caio Dietz bases his creations not only on his personal experience, but also on his knowlege of what it takes for a swimsuit to be comfortable and wearable.
Diëtz designes for men that have a strong personality and are not easily manipulated by the so called fashion experts that wish to see us all in the same uniform.
For their product range and online store visit them at Dietz