The designer Luis Mentado, from the Canary Islands began in 1989 to manufacture lycra and neoprene suits, fruit of his passion for the world of surfing. Gradually, he went into the field of the underwear and swimwear urban collections where the ranges of colors and cuts are moving away from traditional designs.
Both divisions remain the same basis in their annual collections in order to preserve their identity and spirit. The freshness and fun as foundation are also important in the philosophy of the brand, which is based on the idea that life is a game, an extreme game.
XTG, acronym for Extreme Game, has gained during these years some surprising results at the international level, making a deep impression in a wide spectrum of male public, which has been identified quickly with a brand that used tattoo prints, smooth, vivid colors where the brand is the protagonist, or prints of lawbreaking thematic. The collection of XTG is complemented by a diverse
assortment of accessories such as T-shirts, bermudas, pants, shirts, sportswear, caps, foulards and towels: a whole range of possibilities for a man who cares more and more about his image in a holistic manner.