by Triston Brewer,

Is it possible that the greatest show on earth could be centred around your nether-region?

In Addicted’s latest underwear campaign entitled CIRCUS, the excitement factor has been ramped up a notch with a line that boasts prints that are daring and fun, vibrant colours that truly pop, and cuts that will accentuate any man’s physique. The ad campaign features the work of renowned photographer Daniel Rojas, who has included six attractive models that showcase the sophistication and sexiness of the brand’s latest collection which you can now find at VOCLA.

Now that summer is here, CIRCUS has arrived to put its own signature look on the season, offering up a range of bold styles that are sure to heat up the next few months. Featuring briefs, boxers, and jocks in shiny gold and silver hues, sailor stripes, and camouflage prints, this collection has something for everyone, with all of their underwear featuring moisture-wicking mesh material that provides additional comfort and keeps you as cool as possible during the hottest months of the year. Plus, the pouch push-up system ensures that your nether-region is contoured and enhanced. Check out the collection here and join the show!