We are thrilled to be a part of the EuroPride 2024 festivities in Thessaloniki, Greece. Men and Underwear – The Shop is a proud sponsor of Thessaloniki Pride 2024 and EuroPride 2024. We are actively taking part in this year’s many events by organizing a unique runway show that showcases our shop’s distinctive style! In collaboration with Kama Sutra Erotic Stores, we organized a men’s underwear and accessories catwalk with seven models representing a wide range of body types. We will showcase some of the finest underwear available in today’s market, featuring brands such as Andrew Christian, CODE 22, Barcode Berlin, Adam Smith, and Walking Jack. There will be a comprehensive report following the event, but the best way to experience it is by attending! The “Naughty Runway” will be held today, Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at the Xpose Club in Thessaloniki (Politechniou Street, 31). For all those visiting Thessaloniki for this year’s Euro Pride, come and say hello; we would love to see you tonight!

Naughty Runway at Xpose Club in Thessaloniki