One of the biggest expansions in a single brand collection just took place in Men and Underwear – The Shop! Four new lines from Barcode Berlin have just arrived comprising trunks, briefs, thongs and jockstraps. Sivko, Iver, Miki and Tjure are the names of the new lines and they correspond to each of the four distinctive underwear styles. Barcode Berlin is revisiting its own classic underwear silhouettes with these lines. Featuring solid colours (red, blue and white) with matching waistbands, all underwear is made from a polyester with elastomer blend, perforated, to keep you cool when things get too warm. We think, these are the most easy-to-wear-everywhere underwear we have seen this year from Barcode Berlin!

The Boxer Miki (available in blue and red) is a classic pair of trunks with a short leg and a low rise fit. It has an athletic style with the seams exposed, contoured pouch for space and a seamless back. The waistband is elasticated, finished with a sheen and the Barcode logo placed in the centre. The Tjure Briefs (available in blue, red or white) are tanga style briefs with exposed sides and full coverage front and back. This underwear style is extremely comfortable for sports, but also great for everyday wear. The fabric and waistband are the same as in the other styles. The pouch is contoured here also to give you space and support. The Thong Iver (available in blue, red or white) is a classic thong style we don’t see enough from Barcode Berlin. Bound to become a best-seller, this style has a contoured pouch with a central seam running all the way from top to bottom. The pouch panels lead to extremely narrow sides and a triangular back that leaves your buttocks exposed. The fabric and waistband are the same as in the other styles so expect a cool and fresh feel like in all other styles. The Sport Jock Sivko (available in red and blue) is a mix of an athletic and fashion jockstrap taking the best of both worlds. The pouch is spacious and you get double the support from it and the leg straps at the back. The leg straps are white and seem to match beautifully the white logo of Barcode on the shiny waistband. Below are photos of some of the products. If you like what you see, visit the Barcode Berlin space in our shop and get yourself some!