We are happy to show you today a new brand, based in the UK, called M:R. M:R launched just a couple of weeks ago from its headquarters in Sheffield. Designer and owner of the brand is Matt Randolph, a young, handsome and talented artist, determined to make his brand a success. We were lucky to be able to talk to him briefly and get some inside information about M:R. Despite the fact that the fashion world is going through a ruff patch at the moment, we think there is still room for new men’s underwear brands to enter the market.  If we may say so, M:R is a contender to become a well established brand, very soon.

Let’s give you some more insight about M:R. The name of the brand is the abbreviation of the word “mister” and at the same time represents the name of the designer with M and R being his initials. The first collection of the brand comprises briefs, boxers briefs and an unexpected style, a combination of these two, which the brand calls asymmetricals. By far the most interesting silhouette we have seen this year, the asymmetricals of M:R, is half briefs, half boxer briefs and gives a distinctive character and an element of fashion design to the brand. This either-love-it-or-hate-it silhouette alongside some unique prints and a conceptual first collection, show a brand that is here to stay.

The inspiration for the first M:R collection was tattoos and more specifically Matt Randolph’s tattoos. One of the prints is a hand drawn star pattern which was based on a series of tattoos that he has on his left leg. The other prints are very interesting as well with some being a fresh take on floral patters and some in a sketch like, black and white graphic form. There is plenty for you to see and to try and we bet the underwear aficionados among you will definitely go for the asymmetricals to see how they fit.

M:R is trading via its online shop and ships orders internationally, currently with free shipping worldwide. If you want to get involved more with the brand and stay up to date with news and offers you should follow them on their social media. At the moment, there is a competition with customers being able to post their photos with the underwear of the brand for a chance to get a free pair of underwear of their choice.

All underwear by M:R are available in four sizes and very competitive prices. Below are some of the lifestyle images the brand was very kind to share with us. Have a look and if you like what you see, go to their e-shop and get yourself some! Photography is by PhotoYorks with models Will and Scott.

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