One of the first brands we selected for our very own store is L’Homme Invisible. The French label comes up with some amazing designs, made from out-of-this-world fabrics but also with more classic underwear to cover a plethora of tastes. Their latest release is the Boree Line, made from a semi-transparent microfiber made in Austria in shades of light blue.

The Boree Line by L’Homme Invisible comprises underwear in five cuts: V Boxer Push Up, Hipster Push Up, Striptease Briefs, Jockstrap and String Striptease Thong. The trademark underwear styles of the brand feature the top quality fabric and dark blue details in a classy combination. The owner of the brand, Sandeep Sahni created yet another line which is sexy yet comfortable being made with less seams to reduce irritation on sensitive spots.

The campaign photographed by himself in Ile-de-France, the region around Paris, features model Tony posing in some of the new designs. The setting is one of the parks of the region in which the green of nature works perfectly with the light blue colour of the garments. It is said that blue is a colour that evokes feelings of calmness and this campaign celebrates this exactly. Enjoy the new campaign and the enticing designs of the new Boree Line by L’Homme Invisible! Also, don’t miss to visit our men’s underwear store and see the collection we have in stock!