First time we saw Dmitrij Bessalοv’s work it was the beginning of his modelling career. We were captivated by his stunning physique and how comfortable he seemed wearing different styles of underwear in front of the camera. One year later, today, we are happy to have a Q&A, an exclusive interview with the up-and-coming underwear model. Despite being active in the modelling world for a bit more than just one year, his photos were published in a huge number of magazines, blogs and other publications around the globe. He posed for talented photographers and he always delivered. Enjoy his Brief Talk and get to know, the kind and very polite, Dmitrij a bit better.

All the images are by UK based photographer Gavin Harrison.

Dmitrij Bessalov photographed by Gavin Harrison. Trousers by Zara, vest by ES Collection, underwear by aussieBum.

Name: Dmitrij Bessalov
From: Vilnius, Lithuania
Nationality: Russian
Lives: Birmingham, UK

Facebook: Dmitrij.bessalov
Twitter: DmitrijBessalov
Instagram: Dmitrij_bessalov

Hello Dmitrij! Could you please tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hello! Sure, my name is Dmitrij, or you can call me Ivan Drago, because I look like him… well, I am just much more muscular (he laughs). I am a very skilled, professional, massage therapist using a unique and very special technique, which consists of five different therapeutic styles. There is a lot of competition in the field but I am told I am among the best (he smiles). I believe I have got good skills and professionalism. I am very proud of myself because I have achieved to transform and sculpt my body without any weird substances, hormones or anything like that. It took 10 long years of patience and dedication (he smiles).

So, when and how did you decide to start modelling?

Very recently… about a year ago, a year and a half maybe… I don’t make much money from modelling. It’s just a little extra. I have done a few shoots so far but I am hoping my looks, physique… and my positive attitude, will help me do much more (he smiles). I believe I’ll get a lot of work in the future, I just need to meet the right people, who can help me develop further in the industry.

Dmitrij Bessalov photographed by Gavin Harrison. Underwear by Marcuse.

We certainly hope so! What was your best experience as a model?

Best shoots I had were with my three favourite photographers! We did amazing job! Steve France, Jet Morano and Gavin Harrison. With Gavin we are now working on a superb shoot we will do very soon! Some of my shots with these photographers were featured in DNA, ADON and Beautiful magazines.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself, for example, in 5 years from today?

Oh God! Let me see, I will be rich and travelling all around the world (he smiles)! I will be very busy with my clients and have a more perfected physique. Maybe later I’ll do some investments or offer personal training to just a handful of clients…

Dmitrij Bessalov photographed by Gavin Harrison. Underwear by Addicted.

Time to talk underwear! Our readers have been waiting for this! How often do you shop new underwear?

Oh well, I hope this is not very disappointing to your readers but I haven’t bought any new underwear for quite some time! I got so many nice pairs for free from my shoots that I think will lasts for years! (He laughs)

Lucky you! Do you have any favourite underwear styles, colours and why?

I find briefs and boxer briefs are the best. They are easy to wear, comfortable, good for any occasion basically. My favourite colours… let me think… I like yellow, red, orange, pink and almost any pastel! Oh yes, and I really don’t like black or grey!

Dmitrij Bessalov photographed by Gavin Harrison. Underwear by aussieBum, gloves by Zara.

Any favourite brands?

I have tried on quite a lot and liked many. I think I would choose Armani, Calvin Klein, Marco Marco and Modus Vivendi.

Thank you Dmitrij, it was a real pleasure talking to you!

Thank you, same here!

Many thanks to Gavin Harrison for the photos. Full credits:

Photography and Styling: Gavin Harrison photography
Model: Dmitrij Bessalov @Evolution Talent
Hair by: Kelly @ Peter Pyne salon.