Today, we are happy to show you one more feature in our Real Men In Underwear series. The brand new set of real-life photos is from the ambassador of Men and Underwear – The Shop in Germany, Ben. Most of you have seen Ben posing in his favourite underwear on the pages of our eZine. Ben is the cornerstone of this series which is an open invitation to all of you to share photos in your favourite pairs of underwear. At the same time, it is a call for the industry to open up to a mix of body types and use more “real men” in advertising and promoting their products. Last but not least, it is also important for us to see underwear worn by normal guys like us and not just in staged photos, product shots with perfect lighting, etc. Ben is a great guy and has been supporting our Real Men In Underwear project for months. He has an eye for fashion and, most importantly, great underwear! His underwear collection is the envy of many, as it includes some of the most famous brands worldwide and a variety of styles and silhouettes. Today we showcase underwear from one of his favourite brands, the American Andrew Christian.

Ben is posing in the Andrew Christian – CoolFlex Modal Active Jock w/ Show-it – Charcoal in the photos below.

Many thanks to Ben for sharing these amazing photos with us. Now it’s time for you too! We have plenty of great underwear to choose from in our shop and be the star of our next Real Men In Underwear feature!