It is time we made some space on our shelves for new products to come for spring! Many items from Barcode Berlin are now on offer, with prices down by 25% to 40%. Stock up on your favourite styles or try something new at great prices from this fantastic, fetish-inspired brand. Among the items on sale are thongs, jocks, briefs and trunks! Apart from Barcode’s items, you will also find items from CODE 2, Marcuse, Walking Jack and more on sale. With the addition of these items, you can now find more than 100 items in our sales section! There is limited stock and sizes, so if you’d like to benefit from this sale, you should move fast and place your order as soon as you see something you like. To see all underwear and swimwear on sale you should click here!

Barcode Berlin - Thong Iver - Red

Barcode Berlin - Thong Iver - RedBarcode Berlin - underwear - Jock Miko