One of the most iconic underwear designs of Barcode Berlin, the Sergey Jockstrap has just been released in limited edition colours and Men and Underwear – The Shop is among the first retailers to get them! The Sergey Jockstrap is one of the best-selling underwear styles of Barcode, featuring a construction that has design references to the first ever jockstrap that made it to the broad underwear market, the no10 of Bike. Sergey is one of the most recognisable items of Barcode’s collection and one that the brand keeps reproducing for a number of years. This year, Barcode Berlin decided to release the same jock in three, limited edition, coloured and we must say they all look amazing! The new colours are called Grassland Beige, Brownish Purple and Blue Beige. They are all contemporary hues for the underwear market, and we expect them to sell out fast!

Look at the new product shots below and if you like what you see visit the Barcode Berlin space in our shop and get some for yourself!