We are very excited to show you a new collection of jockstraps and crew socks by Barcode Berlin just arrived in our shop. The German brand is designed in Berlin inspired by the distinctive core and lifestyle of the city. Barcode Berlin manufactures all its products, including these jocks and socks in Portugal.

The Denis Jocks are a stunning new jockstrap design made from a foam-like material in black with red and white detailing on the pouch. This material is super soft and will add plenty of volume at your frontal area. The matching waistband is elasticated and woven, decorated with a rubber label with the logo name of Barcode Berlin on. This is a fashion jock inspired by fetish wear, enhanced with a soft and cosy material.

The new Crew Socks by Barcode Berlin are white with black stripes and lettering reading either “Power” or “Horny”. Make a statement at the club or wear them just for fun at the gym or with your favourite pair of jeans! These socks are made from a sturdy cotton mixm, they are easy to wear and fun!

Have a look at the new products below, click on each photo to get to the product page to find out more or just visit the space of Barcode Berlin in store to get yourself some!

Barcode Berlin - Jock Denis Black-Red-White Barcode Berlin - Jock Denis Black-White-RedBarcode Berlin - Crew Socks - Power Barcode Berlin - Crew Socks - Horny