We are delighted to show you one more exclusive editorial, this time from Argentina from one of the most talented photographers in the world today, Gastohn Barrios. The editorial is entitled Dark Glam and it features a real diva, model Natalia Fassi, accompanied by four male models: Jorge Piantelli, Jhonatan Mujica, Emanuel Salvatore and David García in a beautiful, dark and glamorous setting.

The production was by Pablo Zamudio, make up by Marr Bauer and hair by Brian Acosta. Underwear, fashion and accessories by Jorge Sandoval, Absolut Joy and Ozono Gafas.

Photographer: Gastohn Barrios
Star: Natalia Fassi
Models: Jorge Piantelli, Jhonatan Mujica, Emanuel Salvatore, David García
Production: Pablo Zamudio
Make up: Marr Bauer
Hair: Brian Acosta
Outfits: She: Jorge Sandoval Fashion Designer
Boys: Absolut Joy, Ozono Gafas