Today we have an interview with model Dillan Wicklund. Dillan is 21 years old and in the very first steps of his modelling career but we think he has great potential to become a big name not only in men’s underwear industry but in fashion in general. He was spotted by a modelling agency last year in Chicago, in the FitExpo where he excelled on the catwalk in swimwear and sportswear. We also had the pleasure to feature his collaboration with photographer Edgar Torres a couple of weeks ago and the response we got from our readers was awesome! But lets leave Dillan do the talking. Enjoy the exclusive to Men and Underwear interview with the young model.

Name: Dillan Wicklund
From: Wisconsin USA
Lives: Wisconsin USA

Facebook: @DillanWicklundModel
Instagram: @djdflex

Hello Dillan. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself please?

I am 21 years old from the Upper Midwest where I am from Wisconsin. I attend the University of Wisconsin where I am Junior in college majoring in occupational safety. I am also in the US Army reserve where I proudly serve my country. I am a gym rat and in the gym 7 days a week. I love the Milwaukee Brewers and the Bucks the NBA team. Also, a huge Wisconsin Badger fan as well.

When and how did you start modelling?

I started modelling in January of 2017 when I signed my contract with my manager. I have shot all over the Midwest, Chicago, and Wisconsin. I am signed with FS Agency in Toronto CA and Westhaven Agency. I have shot with some of the best photographers in the Midwest. I am open to collaboration or trying new brands and apparel. Please contact my manager.

I bet many brands are reading this and would love to get in touch, so who is your manager?

Yes, please send me a direct message on Instagram or contact my manager at mpmreferee [at] yahoo [dot] com. Mike McMullen handles everything.

What was your best experience as a model?

I love shooting and working with great photographers. I learn each time I shoot with someone and I continue to grow as a model. I went to the Chicago Fit Expo and signed with FS Agency in Chicago. I competed in the Fit Expo swimwear and fitness apparel walk. This was not like NPC competitions. You are judged on swimwear and fitness apparel. Based on my performance, I signed a contract with FS Agency in Toronto, Canada. I finished in the top 10 in the abs competition as well.

That’s great! From all the photographers you’ve worked with so far who would you love to work with again?

That is a very hard question. There is not one favourite at all. I have worked with great ones all over the Midwest. I am shooting this weekend again Edgar Torres from Chicago, this coming Saturday once again. I do like his work a lot!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from today?

I see myself working full time in my major, modelling, working out, and having a healthy lifestyle. The sky is the limit. I want to always challenge myself and strive to get better. Modelling will always be a part of my career.

Time to talk underwear! How often do you shop for new underwear?

I try as often as I can but being on a college budget I have a limited budget for new underwear. But I have had some great collaborations with several companies. I am always looking to try new brands and to collaborate. As I said, you can send me a message on Instagram or hit up my manager. Thanks!

What is you favourite underwear style and colour?

I prefer boxers and boxer briefs. I like black, navy blue and hunter green. Send me some new brands!

Do you have any favourite brands?

I am open to all brands and willing to try and new ones. I do like Calvin, AE and Polo. I have gotten some from Horus from Seattle and I like them a lot.

Thank you for your time Dillan, it was a pleasure talking to you!

Thanks for your time.

Photo credits
Photographer: Edgar Torres.
Underwear: Calvin Klein.

Special thanks to Mike McMullen for arranging this interview and putting us in touch with Dillan.