Our own underwear shop is now open! We put together a tight collection of brands we have tested and loved. Briefs, boxers briefs, trunks and socks are now available for you all with worldwide shipping. Moreover, shipping is free for all orders of 60 euros or more! Feel free to go and check our shop and get back to us with any feedback (good or bad) you have, recommendations, things you like or things you don’t. This store could be a huge help for us to sustain and improve Men and Underwear, so your help is needed and very much appreciated!

CODE 22 underwear at The Shop

A bit of history…

We have been present in the underwear industry in the form of a blog and later as an e-zine for over 7 years. We started this adventure in London, UK in 2011 to share our love for underwear. With very limited resources but with a lot of energy and big dreams we decided to leave our mark in the men’s underwear industry. We wanted to become the voice of all brands, no matter how big or how small they are. We wanted to present new styles, fabrics, fashion for people like us, crazy about their underwear. Through our posts and pages we presented more than 400 underwear brands and stores from all around the world and thousands of pairs of underwear for every taste, literally! During our journey we saw new brands emerging, existing brands growing, brands failing. We witnessed changes in technology and trade, we saw new fabrics and sewing methods, we saw the industry changing and men worldwide becoming more aware of their underwear. We watched, we listened, we tried different things, we made mistakes, we learned, we grew. Today, we are among the top underwear specialised websites in the world and we have to thank you, our readers, for this. Thank you for being loyal, for your feedback, your tips and advice.

Bluebuck underwear at The Shop

Men and Underwear – The shop

During our journey, we saw quite a few underwear blogs in the making, many closing down, others staying put and growing. It was a few months ago when we had this crazy idea of having a small store to help us finance our e-zine better and to become less and less dependant from advertising. In 2018 the idea became reality and Men and Underwear – The Shop opened its doors! We thought that we could use our expertise in the men’s underwear field and source underwear from brands that stand out in terms of quality and design. Our stock comes only from underwear labels we have tested, tried on and liked. You can find all stocks available in our e-store and for those of you living or travelling to Thessaloniki, Greece, you can drop by our brick and mortar store at Kountouriotou 29, 55132, Kalamaria. By shopping with us, you can rest assure that you are buying select, good quality, genuine products. Thank you all for your support!

L'Homme Invisible underwear at The Shop