Just a few months ago we wrote about the revival of the iconic jockstraps of Bike by their licensed distributor on Europe, Meyer Marketing. Meyer came up with this great idea to deal directly with the factory that manufactured Bike and produce jockstraps identical to the original #10 Bike jocks. You can read more about this story here.

After the successful release of the first range of jocks by Meyer now it’s time for some more designs to be recreated. This month, at Jockstrap Central, you will find the new jocks that are identical to the Original Bike Performance Jockstraps in both 2 inch and swimmer versions and in all the original colours!

Just like the original Bike lineup, the Swimmer Jockstraps come in either white, black or scarlet and the 2 Inch Jockstraps come in either white, black, blue, scarlet or gold and all have grey waistbands, except where BIKE was is now an MM (for Meyer Marketing) logo.

Fitness guru and Jockstrap Central fan favourite model Trent is back to show us the new old jocks below. He is a great choice as he modelled most of the original Bike Performance Jocks for the store in the past!